As a not-for-profit organisation, we rely on the generosity of patrons, benefactors, sponsors, trusts and grants to deliver our annual high-quality programme.

With about 14% of our income dependent on private donations, these are vital to ensure the continuing success of Aspiring Conversations and the Festival of Colour. Your support will allow us to continue to deliver high quality arts and cultural experiences that are transformational and unforgettable.

As a Festival Patron or Benefactor, we will keep in regular contact with you around our programmes and bring you closer to the performers, artists and our achievements. All gifts over $500 will be acknowledged online and in Festival publications.

The benefits of being a Patron Plus of the 2018 Aspiring Conversations

  • Receive two invitations to the launch of the Festival programme on 12 February
  • Enjoy a priority booking period for ticket purchases
  • Be acknowledged on the Festival website, in the programme and on the sponsor board
  • Receive two invitations to Festival functions
  • Receive regular newsletters updating you on the Festival progress
  • Priority notification and booking to off-year events

The donation of $250 is tax-deductible and can be made in one payment or regular installments via automatic payment. You can pay online at 03 1739 0063151 00 or simply pay by credit card – click here.

Should you wish to upgrade to Benefactor status, this donation of $1,000 entitles you to all the above as well as complimentary tickets to a speaker of your choice and a dedicated personalised booking service including selection of preferred seating in the Lake Wanaka Centre.

And most of our Aspiring Conversations Patron Plus are also a Patron or Benefactor of the Festival of Colour too. The donation is an additional $500 as a patron and $2000 as a benefactor to enjoy the same privileges for the Festival of Colour. Contact Laura for more information

Be one of those who gets behind us and helps sustain us! If you would like to make an online donation now please click here

If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact General Manager Laura Williamson on or phone her on 03 443 4172.

Benefactor Plus

Penny Deans & Andrew Gawith
George & Kay Horsburgh
Kate and Ant Howard
Longview Environmental Trust
Ted Lloyd & Alyson Nelson
Alison & Peter O’Brien
Peter & Fay Robertson
Judith & Ian Shawe
Kate & Michael Sidey
Graeme & Barbara Thompson
Mark & Sally Verbiest
Sir Tim and Prue Wallis


Patron Plus

Sally Angus
Mike & Clare Allison
Judith Bateman & Philip Toomer
Michael & Kristine Bowman
Tony & Shirley Clarry
Brian Cooke & Devon Hotop
Bill & Karen Day
Peter & Marilyn Duncan
Suzanne Ellison
Lynne & Ralph Fegan
Scott & Mary Gilmour
Tim & Cilla Glasson
Dee & Peter Gordon
John Hare & Hetty Van Hale
Ket & Sandy Hazledine
Peter & Kirsty Hazledine
Wayne & Jane Hudson
Errol & Jan Kelly
Andrew & Karen McLeod
Bob & Pam McRae
Viv Milsom
John & Marion Murphy
Penny & John Nelson
Leigh & Nickie Overton
Philip & Josie Sanford
Adam & Annabel Spiers
Jane & Mark Taylor
Meg Taylor
Kay Thomson & Nigel Zega
Peter & Jane Wardell