The Pianist

Classical clowning meets contemporary circus, to produce a charming piece of comedy about high society entertainment. At its peak sits The Pianist?s pianist.

Like There’s No Tomorrow

Welcome to the party! It?s the afterball, don?t tell the teachers, don?t tell your parents. It?s two weeks since Joseph died – drunk and daring he jumped off a roof diving for a swimming pool, but never made it to the water.

Anzac Eve

Two young New Zealand guys meet two young Australian girls at Gallipoli the night before Anzac Day. Maia and Lizzie work in an insurance office on the Gold Coast.


John?s caf? is usually fairly busy, but in the last few months it has seen a massive spike in its popularity. The place is humming. Veteran caf? owner John puts it down to his experience in creating the perfect vibe for his customers.

The Bookbinder

They say you can get lost in a good book. But it?s worse getting lost in a bad one?

Royale Riot

Wear your best dancing shoes for Royale Riot ? it?ll be a night of bent and broken rockabilly tunes from this award winning Aussie band ? Suitcase Royale

The Ballad of Backbone Joe

Suitcase Royale are an internationally acclaimed trio and they ride across the ditch to bring you a murder ballad from the dead heart of Australia. Junkyard theatre, visual trickery, dark humour and rag?n?bone live music.


Travel through a landscape of live music and heartaching theatre in this beautiful love story about a teddy boy and a farm girl: their first meeting, their marriage and the New Zealand pop-rock soundtrack that shapes their lives.


Aucklander Michael Caughey has it all: a successful US screenwriting career, a beautiful actress girlfriend Cherie, and a Central Otago vineyard. Now it?s finally time to do what he wants ? make an art movie starring Cherie.

Play Readings – Liz Breslin

This is a first for the Festival of Colour ? readings of two works in progress. A unique chance to get an insight into new works at an early stage in their development. A group of local actors, directed by Conrad Newport, will read each play and afterwards we open up the floor for a […]