Dust to Dusky

SOLD OUT Come and enjoy Tami Neilson, Bella Kalolo, Anna Coddington and Colleen Davis as they pay tribute to the iconic Dusty Springfield, and put their spin on one of the unique voices in the history of pop music. Hitch a ride on Dusty’s trail, from her folk beginnings through the Memphis years to the […]

After Dark Session

After the Arma del Amor gig, come on down to Gin and Raspberry for an After Dark session with djs Jake Kilby, Civilian Sol and street artist Nigel Roberts.

Mel Parsons

From a tiny settlement on the West Coast, modern folk singer songwriter Mel Parsons has spent the past 10 years travelling all over the world, winning over audiences throughout New Zealand, Australia, UK, Ireland and the USA.

Arma Del Amor

Martine Harding and Danny Fairley connected over their love of electronic music, and the ambient side of ?soul-step? electronica. And they were both Wanaka locals.

Eb & Sparrow

Their songs are dark and bright, dreamy and direct, country and Spanish, 1850s and 1950s, all the while lamenting and laughing.


LIPS is not just a giant pair of lips on legs. She is a masterful songwriter (a Silver Scroll winner) with a sly sense of humour who likes to tell stories, stories about her friends and neighbours, stories that come to life in her songs.

Southern Sinfonia

Come celebrate the life and work of artist Frances Hodgkins. Frances was born in Dunedin but most of her successful painting career was in the UK. She was one of the leading modernist painters of her generation.

Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir

Cathedral choirs and their choir schools are among some of the oldest European musical traditions. The Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir is the only representative of this tradition in Scandinavia.