Working for change

Friday 6 April, 6pm, Lake Wanaka Centre
These two leaders will discuss working for change at the local, national and international level. Some changes come easily and quickly, and an act of Parliament can formalise a major shift in people’s thinking (think marriage equality, or medicinal cannabis). … Continued


Friday 6 April, 12.30pm, Lake Wanaka Centre outdoor stage
Saturday 7 April, 12.30pm, Lake Wanaka Centre outdoor stage
Saturday 7 April, 4.30pm, Lake Wanaka Centre outdoor stage
Sunday 8 April, 12.30pm, Lake Wanaka Centre outdoor stage
Sunday 8 April, 4.30pm, Lake Wanaka Centre outdoor stage
Just occasionally a show appears in the frenzy of the Edinburgh Fringe that has a poise and inner strength so profound that it pauses the audience, slows the heartbeats and changes the way people breathe and see. Nick Steur’s FREEZE … Continued

Striving for Justice

Saturday 7 April, 11am, Lake Wanaka Centre
Former President of Ireland Mary Robinson says that growing up with four brothers in County Mayo is when she first had to fight for human rights. She remains a passionate advocate for gender equality, for human dignity and justice. She … Continued

Stars and planets - life, the universe and everything

Saturday 7 April, 1.30pm, Lake Wanaka Centre
Astrophysicist Dr. Jennifer Wiseman is the senior project scientist for the Hubble Space Telescope at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Previously, she headed Goddard’s Laboratory for Exoplanets and Stellar Astrophysics. Her scientific expertise is centered on the study of star-forming … Continued

Rupturing the social faultlines

Saturday 7 April, 3pm, Lake Wanaka Centre
Christos Tsiolkas’s writing explores the faultlines in Australian society – he deals with anger and shame, with sex and violence. In his best-seller THE SLAP a single gesture triggers the meltdown of an entire suburban universe. It’s no accident that … Continued

Memories in Song

Saturday 7 April, 7.30pm, Lake Wanaka Centre
Some people write books about their lives but singers transform their experiences and memories into song. You’ll hear three New Zealand singer-songwriters talk to music journalist and memoirist Nick Bollinger about their lives, and each of them will sing us … Continued

Does what we eat really matter?

Sunday 8 April, 9am, Lake Wanaka Centre
John D. Potter, Chief Science Advisor to the Ministry of Health and Professor at Massey University’s Centre for Public Health Research is an internationally renowned biomedical scientist. We will be launching his new book, which examines what we know about … Continued

Living with depression and anxiety

Sunday 8 April, 11am, Lake Wanaka Centre
Holly Walker is a former Rhodes Scholar and Green MP from 2011 to 2014. Brent Williams is a community lawyer developing resources to help vulnerable people. Two very different people but for both, their world closed in on them. Both … Continued

Are we humans programmed to devour resources regardless of the consequences?

Sunday 8 April, 1.30pm, Lake Wanaka Centre
Two historians look at this issue from different angles and on different scales. Dr. Michael Stevens (no Kai Tahu ki Awarua) is a freelance historian. He is currently writing the ‘world history’ of Bluff, which sheds light on how the … Continued

Our Dark Materials - navigating our way through the oil and mining debate

Sunday 8 April, 3pm, Lake Wanaka Centre
Sefton Darby has worked for governments, mining companies, NGOs, iwi, and international aid and development organisations. He thinks the debate between mining and environmentalists has gotten too polarised with little positive movement on any side. Business is seen as wanting … Continued

The Future of Work

Saturday 7 April, 9am, Lake Wanaka Centre
Artificial intelligence, robotics and automation have seen major changes in the employment market with many traditional jobs disappearing and new opportunities opening up – look at Airbnb and Uber. What other changes are coming? How do we manage lives without … Continued