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Sefton Darby has worked for governments, mining companies, NGOs, iwi, and international aid and development organisations. He thinks the debate between mining and environmentalists has gotten too polarised with little positive movement on any side.

Business is seen as wanting to make quick bucks and then leaving the rest of us to clean up afterwards. Environmentalists are seen as wanting to lock away resources and block off jobs. Governments swing between positions of cheerleading for extraction or banning it. Consumers keep on consuming at ever increasing rates.

Jeanette Fitzsimons was co-leader of the Green Party and is an advocate for serious action on climate change by government, businesses and communities. She was also a local leader in Coromandel, fighting for protection of the land from mining interests.

They discuss not just the past stand-offs, but also what will the mining industry look like as the new government starts taking action on climate change. What are the differences between mining for coal and mining for the rare earths we need for our mobile phones? And what are the wider impacts for all of us? What are the limits to growth?