Date: April 5, 2020
Time: 3pm
Venue: Lake Wanaka Centre
Ticket Details: $19/$10 students
Duration: 60 minutes

Jon Toogood has long been the frontman for the Kiwi band Shihad. When the rock musician met the diplomat’s daughter in Melbourne, he wasn’t quite prepared for the journey that followed. He converted to Islam, had a traditional Sudanese wedding and now they bring up their kids as Muslims.

Toogood has a powerful social conscience, speaking of “that hole you are left with from being inside the materialistic modern culture, where there is no spirituality.”

When the Christchurch terror attacks came, they shook him as a Muslim and as a Kiwi. “Who wants to live in a world where that happens?” he asked and now speaks about the importance of political correctness, a technique to deal with large groups of diverse people living in the same place trying to respect each other.

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