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Listen to this wonderfully tropical sound from Pacific Underground.

Island Summer is dedicated to that wave of Pacific migrants who settled in New Zealand in the 1960s. Band leader Pos Mavaega first played the old songs to his ailing mum in her hospital room and then found in the shed a lap steel guitar that his dad had played way back when.

He and his talented band now give the old songs and ballads a contemporary spin. Listen to Tanya Muagututi?a, daughter Talia-Rae, to Hemiquaver Lesatele, Chris Searle, Andrew Sione and Tim Seta ? to songs of longing, to island stories we can all recognise.

The Pacific Underground players are often to be found in backing bands for leading NZ musicians ? hear them when they come together to sing their own superb songs.

?a winner.?

Alan Scott, The Press