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Once a millennium there comes a teacher who awakens us all to the power of the divine. But if you can?t wait that long, book an audience with the Guru of Chai! A spiritual leader who will sell you a cup of tea, charm you with his infectious smile, and take away all that is wrong with your life. Enlightenment is at hand.

Our Guru is a poor tea-seller, a chaiwallah whose life is changed forever when a young girl is abandoned at a busy railway station and brings the place to a standstill with the beauty of her singing.

An honest young policeman falls hopelessly in love but is rejected in favour of a disreputable poet. The contradictions of life in modern India with its iPhones and its ancient gods, form the backdrop to this story about the dangers of keeping your soul locked in a cage.

Award-winning actor Jacob Rajan combines with musician David Ward to bring this magical epic to life. Outrageously funny and heartbreakingly beautiful.

The play won Jacob Rajan the 2010 Actor of the Year and it is the latest in a remarkable series of shows that began with Krishnan?s Dairy.


?it is the sheer brilliance of rajan?s performance, and the humanity he brings to every character he creates, that holds this whirlwind of dramatic story-telling together.?

The Listener

?the magical elements all add up to a captivating, moving piece of theatre.?