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Just occasionally a show appears in the frenzy of the Edinburgh Fringe that has a poise and inner strength so profound that it pauses the audience, slows the heartbeats and changes the way people breathe and see. Nick Steur?s FREEZE is one of those shows.

Growing up at the riverside, Steur often used to play with pebbles. During his professional career as a performance and visual artist, he suddenly felt the urge and started to balance rocks on top of each other. Not stacks of flat stones but often large and usually awkwardly shaped rocks that form mind-boggling vertical sculptures that appear to defy the laws of physics. No glue, magnets or tricks, his intense focus ?finds the balance between your own force of will and that of the stone?.

All the balanced sculptures are improvised so each performance is unique and can last between 40 and 70 minutes. We promise you will be transfixed, hardly daring to breathe. Become aware of the present moment and your own presence in it.

You can bring your own stone (bigger than your fist) and see if Nick chooses it for balancing.

Children aged 8+ are welcome but because the performance requires intense concentration, it?s vital they do not cause distraction.