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Electric Wire Hustle?s modern take on hip hop, psychedelic and soul music has seen this Wellington band tour extensively throughout the world including festival performances at Glastonbury, the huge Sziget festival in Hungary, CMJ in New York and Texas? famous SXSW in Austin.

This show offers a different twist however, as they are joined on stage by the people who helped shape their path ? their parents.

Vocalist and guitarist Mara TK is son of NZ blues guitarist legend Billy TK; drummer Myele Manzanza is son of Congolese master percussionist Sam Manzanza; and keyboardist Taay Ninh?s mother is traditional Vietnamese vocalist Le Nuong. Alongside their parents, Electric Wire Hustle will perform a series of original compositions culminating in a performance of the band?s own music.
This unique show has been put together specially for festivals and comes fresh from WOMAD.

?Electric Wire Hustle Family reminded me, in the age of auto-tuners and Gangnam Style, that people are still making ?real? music, which comes from the soul rather than from a sales pitch.?

Admission:? $38