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This is far more than boy meets girl.

Travel through a landscape of live music and heartaching?theatre in this beautiful love story about?a teddy boy and a farm girl: their first meeting,?their marriage and the New Zealand pop-rock?soundtrack that shapes their lives.

Rose was 16. Eric, 18. They met at the lake by the?daffodils. The same place that Eric?s parents met20 years earlier. But what happens after years of?misread moments, too many unspoken thoughts?that never go away? Daffodils captures Rose and
Eric?s life in a mix-tape of New Zealand?s greatest?hits. Inspired by private letters, interviews and?family myths, the production unfolds against a?backdrop of Kodak stills, Super8 home movies and?fashion photography created by New Zealand?s?Garth Badger (Lorde, Nike).

Starring Todd Emerson (from television?s Westside?Story), Colleen Davis and the New York based,?kiwi band LIPS. Catch this knockout show ? just?two performances.

{inspired by true events}
By Rochelle Bright
Remixes by Stephanie Brown (LIPS)
Produced by Bullet Heart Club