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We know we need to start work today or even yesterday to deal with climate change, but the politicians emerged from the climate change talks in Paris with just a set of good intentions. So how do we do something real and substantive to avert rising sea-levels, catastrophic weather events, and drastic threats to farming and to our lifestyles ? and to save the planet for our grandchildren?
Our keynoter is Tim Flannery and his latest book is Atmosphere of Hope: The Search for Solutions to the Climate. He became Australia?s Chief Climate Commissioner, and when the Abbot government withdrew funding, established the independent Australian Climate Council. As well as deep emission cuts, he urges new forms of carbon capture.
Our two NZ respondents are Motu fellow and climate researcher Suzi Kerr who was visiting Professor at Stanford in 2009/10 and at the University of the Andes in Bogot? in 2013 ; and science journalist Veronika Meduna whose book Towards a Warmer World looks towards the very different world of 2100.