Date: April 3, 2020
Time: 4:30pm
Venue: Lake Wanaka Centre
Ticket Details: Free
Duration: 60 minutes

Come down to Lake Wanaka Centre on Friday April 3 from 4:30pm to hear about Damien Wilkins’ new young adult novel, Aspiring.

Damien will be on hand to talk about the book and to sign copies at the Paper Plus pop-up bookshop. All welcome.

Set in the fictional town of ‘Aspiring’, the novel tells the story of fifteen-year-old Ricky who, like the place he lives in, is growing at an alarming rate. He’s 6’7” and getting taller every day. But he’s stuck in a loop: student, uncommitted basketballer, and puzzled son, burdened by his family’s sadness. And who’s the weird guy in town with a chauffeur and half a Cadillac? Uncertain what’s real, Ricky can’t stop sifting for clues.

Local readers will find a lot they recognise in the book. ‘Aspiring’ is, in all but name, Wanaka, so a local launch couldn’t be more appropriate.

Damien Wilkins won New Zealand Book Award for fiction in 1994 for his book The Miserables and currently teaches PhD students at Victoria University’s International Institute of Modern Letters.

This public event is FREE.